Sigmacoin -‘Distributed’ Trade ecosystem

We Create Businesses Opportunities with ‘Distributed’ Trade Commerce ecosystem

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There is no central authority which means that all transactions are undertaken among the users


The Transactions go in a chain and distributed among the people and forwarded one after another


SigmaCoin deploys checks and balances in consensus and Trust Keys, along with Network recognized Reputation to provide greater security and network stability,

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Fast & Secure transactions

Lightening fast & secure transactions, thanks to blockchain. For example, uses blockchain to create videos, - for instant delivery views on YouTube

Easy Access

Quick and convenient access to any video platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). .

Refer & earn

Refer friends & family using our wallets, earn SigmaCoin per referral

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White Paper

White Paper

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The Team

Take a closer look into our team.

Daniel Schwartz


Dan has been a leader in Sales, Marketing and Business Development of companies in technology products and services since 1984. He has been in Sales and Marketing Management since the late 1980s. Dan currently is CEO of P Performance Limited and is CEO of 3T Network Limited the Company leading SigmaCoin

Ron Cartey

SVP Business Developement

Ron is internationally recognized as a world class coach and trainer with over twenty five years experience as a Professional International speaker and Leadership Coach.

Biman Das


Biman Das is a highly experienced professional with a corporate career of 15 years and have served throughout the world in various corporate managements like IBM, Microsoft and Oracle.