SigmaCoin ICO Sale

1 SIGMA = 0.09$

A total of only 500,000,000 SIGMA in existence.




100000 SIGMA Sold
500000000 SIGMA Available

500000000 SIGMA Available

BitCoin : 1468bJ7Z9rgCM2WKXJmHBZzJLyAU8Xfu5p
Send Minimum 0.08 BTC

Ethereum : 0xC60A56dCc8FCE39c001a471d6F79dc6f1aD1F9B9
Send Minimum 1 ETH
Referrer Bonus - Earn 10%

How to participate in the SigmaCoin ICO

  • Send Ether or Bitcoin to an address above. You will be given SigmaCoin for each ETH or BTC we receive at its requivalent USD value at that time.
  • Add the token to your Ethereum wallet (Mist, Parity, or free web wallet
    Token Address: 0x03AF37073258B08FfFF303e9E07E8a0B7bfc4fd9
    Token Name: SIGMA
    Token Symbol: SIGMA
    Decimal Places: 5
  • Submit the form at the end of this page with your transaction ID, Ethereum Address where you wish to receive the tokens (if using BTC), and your email.
  • Tokens will be sent to the Ethereum Address you sent from automatically. Remember not to use an Ethereum Address on an exchange, your tokens will not show up.
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