The Token


SigmaCoin is a distributed Trade Commerce ecosystem designed for the distributed future and needs of people in business today. SigmaCoin will become one of the leading platforms that will harness the disruptive power of the Blockchain and translate the logic of interactions into successfully distributed business models that shape the future.

Trade Commerce Eco-System

By forming a network of exceptional advisors and partners like PWC and Wachsman PR, Midas PR (member of PROI World Wide) and constantly adding expertise to our network we can select and manage amazing projects to debut on ensuring success. SigmaCoin insists on meeting all the teams in person for at least one full-day workshop before committing to working together.

Sale Specifications

As we continue to add more reliable exchanges after the second phase of ICO is over that would accept Sigma Coin (SGC) and create more uses of our token. Sigma Coin`s price is expected to soar and the demand along with it. Make sure you stock up before the demand has increased 10X and keep your eyes on the world news about all the crypto-currencies, more block chain innovations and the uncertainty of global fiat systems.